Hello from Oscar Roddey

Hi. My name is Oscar Alvin Roddey and I am a gray & white kitty cat.   I was homeless before I found a great place to live in Houston, Indiana.  I was so tiny, sick, and scared when I went looking for shelter on a snowy nite in November 2014.


I received food, water, and a warm place to stay.  I was taken to the vet in Brownstown, Indiana and given medicine that made my respiratory infection go away. Soon after I healed from that ordeal, I received vaccinations to keep me healthy. I also had an operation so I can’t have kittens. I know how if feels to be a stray kitten alone in the world. I am glad I will not contribute to putting another baby cat in a desperate situation like I endured.

For some time it seemed no one cared about me, but I did not give up hope. Now I have been rescued and am well taken care of all the time. I feel so lucky and do appreciate my good fortune. I hope my story of overcoming an overwhelming streak of bad luck and challenges can be an inspiration to others.

Please remember:  When things seem hopeless, they can turn around in a positive direction at any moment.

Sending Happy Thoughts & Best Wishes to you.  Love, Oscar


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