I am an adorable Kitty Cat from Jackson County, Indiana.  I hitched a ride in the engine of a car because it was warm, before I was rescued.  I didn’t know that was dangerous and was very lucky to not get hurt.  Now I know that was so scary and warn other cats to not try that.  

I am so glad I am safe now, but I was really scared when I was alone in cold weather without anyone to care for me. Sending wishes that all other homeless pets are able to find somewhere nice to stay.

I was named Oscar Alvin Roddey after the Great-Grandpa of my primary caretakers, Glenda Sue and Cindy.  My namesake used to own an auto repair garage in Houston, Indiana. I wish I had known him.  I came along to this family so close to 50 years after the day that their Papaw Oscar passed away in November 1964.

I am currently living in Knightdale, North Carolina with my Aunt Glenda Sue. Thankful we just got through two hurricanes, Florence and Michael, without too many problems. I love the south and am happy to not have to deal with the bitter winters of the midwest. However, I do miss Houston, Indiana. Autumn in Indiana is simply amazing. Spring and Summer are awesome too.

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